Wallimage/Bruxellimage to the Oscars with Bullhead!

  • 24.01.2012

Just a year ago, a “small Belgian film” was released, co-produced by 3 regions, a slightly strange rural thriller evolving into a psychological drama. Twelve months later, close to 500,000 spectators viewed the film in Belgium, it has secured distribution deals all over the world, and won an impressive list of awards in very diverse festivals across the globe, with as culmination point a nomination at the Oscars.

Michaël Roskam’s very first (!!) feature film has known an unbelievable destiny. What a pleasure to see a great film triumph, recognized by the public, the critics and the professionals at once. To watch an incredible actor like Matthias Schoenaerts in the middle of a media storm, earning his status as top actor, here and elsewhere. What an honour also for the Walloon cast, lead by Jeanne Dandoy, to compete for such a prestigious prize.

It goes without saying we cannot wait until the award ceremony, held on 26 February. Before that, however, there is the Belgian Magritte Awards, where Rundskop, with its nine nominations, will be a serious contender for Le Gamin au Vélo and Les Géants, two Wallimage co-productions.