Wallimage-Bruxellimage at the Oscars with Rundskop!

  • 24.01.2012

Just a year ago, a “small Belgian film” was released, co-produced by the three regions, a rather strange rural thriller that gradually turned into a psychological drama. Twelve months later, nearly 500,000 people have seen it in Belgium, it will be distributed all over the world, has won an incredible list of awards in various festivals around the world and has just been nominated for an Oscar.

The fate of Michael Roskam ‘s first (!) feature film is simply incredible. Amazing, actually. But what a pleasure! Pleasure to see the triumph of a great film, recognized by the public, critics and professionals alike. Pleasure also to attend the media explosion of an immense actor: Matthias Schoenaerts, it is official is now a sacred monster in our country. And elsewhere.
What an honor also for the Walloon cast, Jeanne Dandoy in the lead, to be in the race for this title so coveted throughout the world.

Naturally, we’re looking forward to the 84th Academy Awards on February 26. Before that, Rundskop is involved in the race for the Magritte of Belgian cinema. With its nine nominations, it should be a serious contender for The Kid on the Bike and The Giants… two Wallimage co-productions. To be followed on February 4 on the Square stage and on BeTV