Wallimage celebrates its tenth anniversary !

  • 02.03.2011

It is indeed in terms of structuring impact on the Walloon audiovisual sector that Wallimage is evaluated by the Government of its Region. However, the attached study shows that, over the past decade, the Wallimage fund has generated three times more economic spin-offs than it has invested in co-productions. From the point of view of the public authorities, the mechanism is therefore budgetary neutral since each time Wallimage invests 1€ in a film, its production spends 3 in Wallonia generating at least 1€ in direct or indirect taxes for the community! And yet, the Wallimage statistics only take into account audiovisual expenses, to which should be added the hotel and tourist spin-offs, which would increase the regional return to around 500% of the sums invested!

But the novelty is that, beyond the economic spin-offs, Wallimage now attracts films to the South of the country that are likely to generate revenues that directly reimburse the public investment.

Historical coincidence: in this anniversary week, three films supported by Wallimage are in the top two places at the French and Belgian box offices! In France, Dany Boon ‘s Rien à déclarer has just passed the 6 million admissions mark, while in its first week of release, Jérome Salle ‘s Largo Winch II has already attracted nearly 900,000 admissions. In Belgium, the same duo triumphs, but between Rien à déclarer and Largo Winch we find Rundskop / Tête de Bœuf, the bilingual film by Michael Roskam shot between Saint-Trond and Liège.

We wanted to share all of these satisfactions with you.
Just as we want to share with you some images of these 10 years spent in the service of the economic development of the cinema in Wallonia. We have published a “Periodical Magazine” in the form of a wink, published every 10 years, of which we will gladly send you a copy on request to our press office. But we remind you that you can also to leaf through it, virtually, on the web