Wallimage CrossMedia congratulates Dog Studio

  • 22.08.2013

The promotional campaign of The Congress proposed by Entre Chien et Loup and imagined by DogStudio had been welcomed with a lot of interest in the offices in Montpellier. Of course, the film lent itself particularly well to virtual extravaganzas, but DogStudio ‘s proposals were neither lacking in appeal nor in relevance. Their provocative tone had convinced us.

It seems we weren’t the only ones who were seduced by this bold approach, since after being nominated for the title of “Digital Agency of the Year 2012”, DogStudio won a few days ago two international awards for the website of Ari Folman’s film: a “Site Of The Day” award and a FWA, for “Website Awards favorites”.

These awards do not leave Astrid Pirlot, account manager at Dogstudio, unmoved. “Ari Folman has a very personal and precise vision of the film. So the first challenge was to translate this universe onto the web, while respecting the message he wanted to convey.”

The hybrid nature of the film – half cartoon/half reality – added an additional difficulty to the creation of the website. “The story and its universe are a bit psychedelic, we can’t summarize them in a single image. Retranscribing the essence of the film, its complexity, was a second challenge,” Astrid continues. “But thanks to the collaboration led by Ari Folman and his assistant Shirley Hermann, as well as Diane Elbaum and Nathacha Gilson of Entre Chien et Loup, we were able to focus and concretize as best we could what was expected of us.”

Designed by Henry Daubrez, the homepage of The Congress website opens on a vast mosaic of videos from the feature film. Larry Gerard, front-end-developer on the project, has developed this abundant assembly. “The mosaic of videos required testing 4-5 different techniques, to finally find the right one and succeed in creating this effect of zoom, movement and mixture between animation and reality. I had fun working on this project and it shows in the results. It’s nice to work with a director who is receptive to our proposals and gives us a certain freedom, which is not always the case.”

A task made all the more difficult by the fact that, “at the beginning of the collaboration, almost no material (logo, graphic charter, etc.) was available because the film was still at an early stage of development,” says Henry Daubrez, creative director and managing partner. “As we went along, we received items that we had to add. What was the hardest part? Managing to optimize all the images available on the home page because the animations go all over the place.”

The team has worked hard to ensure that the site looks the same on a computer screen, tablet, smartphone …

In conclusion, Astrid Pirlot adds: “On several occasions, we had to go even further in our approach to improve the site and arrive at the final result. Ari Folman is a very busy person – also because at the time of the creation of the site, he was working on the film for the Cannes Film Festival – but he was involved in the project and was very grateful for the result. He thanked the DogStudio team and agreed that we had done a great job.

A collaboration between a Walloon web agency and a world-famous Israeli filmmaker may seem surprising… It was made possible by the Wallimage CrossMedia action. Within the framework of the Creative Wallonia program, this specific line of subsidies created two years ago makes it possible to finance new forms of communication. As a result, companies based in Wallonia have the opportunity to work with artists from Belgium, and sometimes even from the four corners of the world.

Android/iPhone applications, innovative Facebook pages, unusual websites and video games are some of the media developed to accompany the release of a film in theaters. The goal? To capture the attention of the widest possible audience who might not have been spontaneously interested in the film.

The Wallimage CrossMedia action has so far supported 17 audiovisual projects and allowed to reveal many Walloon talents, including the DogStudio agency. After producing the website for the cartoon Ernest et Célestine, for Couleur de peau: Miel and for the film Torpedo(three Wallimage Crossmedia projects), the Namur-based company is making a name for itself.
With six Site of The Day Awards, a Site of the Month Award, two FWAs and an Adobe Cutting Edge Award under its belt, the DogStudio niche is on a roll and ready to take on new digital challenges in a variety of areas.

“With the different awards we have received, Awards ranks us first web agency in Belgium and we are in the top 10 worldwide”, explains Henry Daubrez. “Awards that show that it doesn’t necessarily take a huge budget and a big team to stand out, but mostly a lot of thought.”

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