Wallimage CrossMedia : Digital Extension – you are in charge of the investigation !

  • 19.10.2011

Around half of the sum allotted by the Walloon Region was reserved for Digital Promotion, and the six winners were announced at the FIFF in Namur. The other half is destined for Digital Extension. For this part however there is no specific investment round to submit an application: each financing round organised by Wallimage or Wallimage/Bruxellimage presents the opportunity to submit.

The Board of Directors accepted two bids submitted to Wallimage in September. The first is a digital extension of Mirages, a two-part television documentary supported by Wallimage/Bruxellimage. The complement will be developed on the web and will consist of a series of punctual interventions and animations which will show the surfers that they willingly being made to think the moon is made out of green cheese. We cannot reveal more without spoiling the surprise which is the key to this project… In any case, if the operation is a success, you will hear about it one way or another… The service providers are Triptyk (Web), Super Fluid (3D images), BizzDev (creation of mobile apps) and Virtualis (virtual studio).

The other file was submitted by Caviar for The Artists) (not to be confused with Michael Hazanavicius’s film), a European adventure Wallimage/Bruxellimage selected during its eighth investment round . This crazy fictional drama was always set up as a CrossMedia project. What was proposed certainly does not lack ambition, and shows incredible imagination and pioneer professionalism. Too much? Not at all. We are in the middle of an avant-garde project, the kind of approach which makes things move.

Without giving away too many details at this time, we can say that viewers all over Europe (the episodes will be broadcast simultaneously in several countries), will be able to participate in the investigation and try to locate paintings stolen in European museums (the pitch of the series). Thanks to the net, the virtual investigator will be able to travel through real parallel universes which in the end will lead to the real world. One of the main service providers has become Walloon a short while ago, since the huge company emaking, represented in Belgium by Brice Le Blévennec, chose Mons to develop this project, the first in a long list which should blow up our CrossMedia landscape.

Audiovisual creation is rapidly evolving : Wallimage does not only accompany the change, but it encourages it and gives it a dynamic. The CrossMedia investment line is off to a start with bells and whistles … in the best way possible.