Wallimage Crossmedia finances a divine project

  • 29.01.2015

On the sidewalks of Brussels, a team went to meet the passers-by who crossed God in the capital where he is looking for her. We can already tell you that they have collected a lot of very surprising testimonies.
These interviews will be posted online when the film is released.
This is the first part of a file that has just won a Wallimage crossmedia grant. A project, intended, you will have understood, to ensure the promotion of the brand new testament, the fourth feature film of Jaco Van Dormael which should arrive at the end of the year.

Climax Films, producer of the film, Belga Films its future distributor, Cuistax (Liège) and Dog Studios (Namur) the creators of the digital project have developed another interesting action: Ea’s friends on Facebook will have the opportunity via a photo or a quiz to discover… their little inner music Oh, dear!
All the music, different according to the profile of the Internet user, will be composed by Miss An Pierlé, in person. The Belgian singer will indeed sign the soundtrack of the film.

Everyone can then send a message to their contacts to share their melody. Friend who can in turn try the experience, etc. … The idea is to create a virality to the “Dubmash”.

Divine, right?