Wallimage Entreprises : an active member of the Creative Valley !

  • 11.02.2015

The ambitious objective of these : To move from a traditional economy to a creative economy, and this through a multidisciplinary program of actions and animations, conducted in part in collaboration with several local poles!

Called “Creative Valley”, the new hub in the Heart of Hainaut (Mons and the Centre region), which is due to be officially launched on 11 February, will connect cultural, digital and creative players in order to build a genuine “creative and cultural industry cluster” based on the region’s heritage and its existing infrastructure. A tool for long-term economic development but, above all, a crossroads for exchange between some twenty partners, this hub will be an incubator for local projects and international cooperation!

Wallimage, attentive to creation and innovation, is very sensitive to this type of initiative.
It is therefore not surprising to find her among the active members of the Creative Valley.
Another axis that will undoubtedly promote the economic development of the territory…

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