Wallimage Entreprises consolidates TSF.be's presence in Liège

  • 07.11.2013

Established in 2009, TSF.be is the Belgian subsidiary of the TSF group and is specialized in the provision of all technical means of filming such as camera, lighting, machinery, energy, vehicles and studios. This activity is completed by a mechanical workshop, installed at the Pôle Image de Liège, specialized in the work of aluminium (construction of rolling stock, rails and travelling carts, frames, stage sets, etc.). The company also has a service department (shooting, integration, editing, archiving, training, consulting, etc.) as well as a store in Brussels dedicated to the sale of film equipment.

TSF.be’s customers are mainly Belgian production companies. Since its creation in 2009, TSF.be has equipped five short films, a dozen dramas or TV series and more than 50 feature films, including Largo Winch II (by Jerôme Salle), Boule et Bill (by Alexandre Carlot and Franck Magnier) or L’écume des jours (by Michel Gondry). In 2011, the feature film Asterix and Obelix at the service of his majesty (by Laurent Tirard) was shot in 3D with the competence of the TSF group and TSF.be.

TSF.be requested the support of Wallimage Entreprises not only to equip itself with a range of less energy-consuming equipment and to invest in cutting-edge material, but also to develop a new activity launched in 2012 with the Pôle Image de Liège: the provision of studios (which had been created for the filming of the English series ‘Wich is witch?’). May this entry of Wallimage Entreprises in the shareholding and its future loan contribute to intensify the attractiveness of our Region on the market!