Wallimage Entreprises helps Contentinuum to combine business with pleasure !

  • 08.09.2014

Broadcast via an App to tablets, smartphones, connected TVs, and in non-customizable version on traditional channels that have purchased the product, these series will be aimed at an audience of 2 to 4 years. The objective is, on the one hand, to entertain children and their families and, on the other, to develop expertise in new ways of broadcasting content. All this is associated with the marketing of derivative products such as books or personalized connected toys, T-Shirts of the hero of the series with the face of the user, stuffed animals…

The Contentinuum adventure will start with a series entitled “My dream job” and composed of 140 episodes of 3 minutes. The principle: a child, immersed in his dreams, will discover all the jobs in the world. Every day, he will tell his parents about the job he has dreamed of. The objective is to allow young spectators to have fun with educational entertainment, featuring a new kind of hero: themselves and their families. The capsules will be made in “Stop Motion” from “PaperToys”, paper characters.

The development of this series is based on serious studies on the entertainment and educational aspects of the series. The idea is to encourage the learning of different trades and the strong value attached to them. The first 50 episodes are expected to be wrapped by the end of August 2015. Users will have free access to a standard episode that they can customize if they wish. They will then have the opportunity to purchase episodes by the piece or to subscribe. The application will initially be available in France, French-speaking Belgium, the USA, Great Britain and Germany.

These promising projects, associated with new technologies in an innovative way, have convinced Wallimage Entreprises to take an equity stake. An investment that will not only be beneficial for the future of this company but may also generate vocations!