Wallimage in force at Magritte 2019

  • 16.01.2019

8 films supported by Wallimage are in the running for Les Magritte du Cinéma 2019 at the end of the 1st round of voting by the members of the Delvaux Academy!

My Ket is already the big winner of the year at the Box Office but, as we know, this does not guarantee that Dany will leave with a maximum of statuettes for Sullivan’s birthday! Ditto for François Troukens and his Killers, all of which are frighteningly too mainstream. On the other hand, we keep our fingers crossed for its co-director Jean-FrançoisHensgens who was nominated for Best Picture. However, he will also have a hard time facing the chief op of another film supported by Wallimage : Laissez bronzer les cadavres whose sunbed was in the hands of Manu Dacosse…

We hope for Lubna Azabal (Killers) that there will not be in its disadvantage of Exchange of the Princesses, on the other hand about so beautiful film of Marc Dugain, we are already very disappointed that the young Igor Van Dessel is taken back neither in the category of Best Actor for his role of Louis XV nor even in that of the Best Men’s Hopeful.

We can console ourselves by noting that Wallimage is involved in 3 of the Best Foreign Films in Coproduction (out of 4!) thanks to The Man Who Killed Don Quixote, The Happy Prince and Nico 1988.