Wallimage’s 88th investment round: French productions are back, vampires make their entrance.

  • 21.02.2018


“My Mom is crazy” is a wacky and refreshing comedy directed by well-known French director Diane Kurys, featuring Fanny Ardant and co-produced in Belgium by Nexus. 12 days of the filming will be done in Wallonia as well as the post-production, handled by Dame Blanche.

In a completely different style, “The Bouncer” is the fifth film by Julien Leclercq, and produced in Belgium by a new company, named 1080. Featuring Jean-Claude Van Damme, this is an action thriller currently shooting in Wallonia. The post-production will largely be done in Wallonia, by l’Équipe Wallonie (image), and Dame Blanche (sound).

Also from France is a social comedy named Premier de la classe, presented by Umedia. The film will be shot in Belgium and trigger significant regional expenses in post-production, with Mikros working on the image, Dame Blanche on sound, and L’Autre Compagnie on special effects.

Mainly funded in Belgium are


« Adoration » is the last instalment of a trilogy by Fabrice Du Welz. Produced by Panique, the film features two Walloon actors: Fantine Harduin (discovered by Michael Hanecke) and Benoit Poelvoorde. The production will take 21 Walloon technicians and the post-production three Walloon companies including L’Autre Compagnie, Mute, and Mikros.

Produced by Movi 3D, “The Queen’s Corgi” will be 100%-made in Wallonia by 27 professionals working for 928 days. The first footage of this ambitious project that has been shown in Berlin looks very promising, and, like their previous works, the final result should sell very well internationally!

On the international front, Wallimage decided to fund two other projects, different in style and scale,


About the importance of the duty of memory, “Hana’s suitcase” marks the second collaboration between Wallimage and Canadian director Ken Scott. Co-produced in Belgium by “Tarantula”, the film features Donald Sutherland with four talents from Wallonia in supporting roles. On this project, sixty technicians and filming equipment come from Wallonia. The post-production will be handled by Mikros.

“Atlas” is a small and bold Swiss film co-produced by Climax in Belgium. Regional expenses mainly go to the post-production, including visual effects by Benuts and sound editing by Dame Blanche.

Last but not least, Wallimage’s selection includes three TV projects.


« Zenon l’insoumis », brough by Image Création, interestingly mixes the works of André Delvaux and Marguerite Yourcenar. A large portion of the team of the film, including the director, comes from Wallonia, and the sound work will be done in our region.

Initiated by Les Films de la Passerelle, « Au bonheur des dames » is a 94%-Walloon project, about the persistent gender inequalities of household tasks. The making of the film will employ Walloon technicians and the post-production companies Cetemi (for sound and image editing) and Stand Up (sound mixing).

Finally, Wallimage is co-funding the two first seasons of the teenagers’ series « Heirs of The Night ». Brought by Scope Pictures, this Belgian- Dutch- German- Croatian- Latvian co-production plunges into the world of the last European vampire families unifying to survive. Walloon professionals will work on the filming set, and a large portion of the post-production will be made in Wallonia, by Mikros (VFX), The Post Box (sound editing), and Dame Blanche (sound mixing).