88th session of Wallimage : the return of France, the arrival of the vampires

  • 21.02.2018

The first funding session of 2018 is already exceptional in view of the number of applications submitted to Wallimage. Seventeen projects were analyzed and presented to the Board of Directors, which was forced to make painful choices from a convincing panel. By articulating their decision on a series of very objective economic criteria, the administrators have thus pinpointed ten projects that join the Wallimage line-up.

The spearhead of the trio, Ma mère est folle is a rather crazy comedy, which will be directed by the mythical Diane Kurys. Co-produced in Belgium by Nexus, this tangy treat will be brought to the screen by Fanny Ardant, Patrick Chesnais… and the singer Vianney. The project’s assets include 12 days of filming in the Walloon Region with 17 people (including 8 post supervisors), rental and post-production expenses (notably at Dame Blanche).

In a completely different genre, much more tense, The Bouncer (Editor’s note. the film changed its title to and is now called Lukas) is the fifth film by Julien Leclercq (Gibraltar), a thunderous action thriller starring… Jean-Claude Van Damme. In shooting since recently with 11 days in Wallonia. Behind the camera, there are 18 Walloons, including 7 station managers. The equipment rental was done at Panavision in Marcinelle, the image editing and mastering will be done at Équipe Wallonie, the sound mixing, editing and sound effects at Dame Blanche. Bouncer is the first feature film from the new production company 1080, which brings together Benoit Roland (Wrong Men) and Nabil Ben Yadir (Happy Antelope).

The last French element of this session is… Premier de la classe, a comedy, more social, proposed by Umedia. The film will be shot in Belgium with a partly Walloon technical team. Wallimage’s investment will lead to important post-production work in the region: Mikros for the image, Dame Blanche for the sound and VFX at the Other Company. The equipment rental will also be Walloon. Finally, it should be noted that the main character of the film will be played by a young Waterloo man.



Two films, mostly financed in Belgium, also join the Wallimage fold during this session.

The final installment in Fabrice Du Welz ‘s Ardennes trilogy, which began with Calvaire and Alléluia, Adoration brings together two Walloon actors: the young Fantine Harduin (revealed by Michael Hanecke) and Benoit Poelvoorde, as well as Emmanuelle Béart, Peter Van den Begin, Laurent Lucas and Béatrice Dalle. Produced by Panique (Vincent Tavier), this feature film will rely on 21 Walloon technicians including 7 post supervisors. The VFX will be done by l’Autre compagnie and all the material will be rented in Wallonia where the whole shooting will take place. The editing and sound mixing will be done at Mute and solo and the sound effects at Genval. The mastering will be done at Mikros in Liège.

The other film carried at arm’s length by a Belgian producer(Movi 3D) is The Queen’s Corgi, the new production by Ben Stassen and Vincent Kesteloot. All the expenses are concentrated on the 27 Walloons (including 5 postmasters) who work for 928 days to make this mischievous project. The first images presented in Berlin are extremely promising and the best Belgian exporter of feature films should once again sell his film worldwide. An excellent perspective for Wallimage who had already supported Bigfoot Junior.


This will also be the second time that Wallimage will support the Canadian director, Ken Scott. After the extraordinary journey of the Fakir which will be released on May 30th, the Board of the fund decided to co-finance Hana’s suitcase which reminds us that the duty of remembrance is essential to prevent the great disasters that have marked our history from being repeated too easily. Thanks to Tarantula, sixty regional technicians will participate in this adventure during the 10 days the team will be in Europe (Belgium and Czech Republic). We also note the expenses for the rental of equipment at Eyelight, KG, Macadam car, and one-two one-two, the rental of the PIL studio, color grading at Mikros, etc. The icing on the cake: four (important) secondary roles in this film destined for an international destiny are Walloon. They will support in particular … Donald Sutherland.

A small Swiss production with a daring subject and approach, Atlas is co-produced in Belgium by Climax , which fell in love with this powerful script during the first co-production market organized in December at the Be Film Festival. The expenses of the film are not colossal, but 15 people, including 9 postmasters will be involved in the project. Belgian investments are concentrated on the sound sector, VFX at Benuts and camera rental in Liege. The image postproduction, color grading and sound will be entrusted to the studio l’équipe and the sound effects to Dame Blanche.

Although a minority at this session, the television projects nevertheless seduced the administrators since two documentaries and a surprising series will be added to the Wallimage line-up


Image Création brought us Zenon l’insoumis, a dive into the crossed works of André Delvaux and Marguerite Yourcenar. 15 people including 12 postmasters will be Walloon including the director. The equipment rental and the sound work (Genval) will also be done in the Walloon Region.

Initiated by Les Films de la Passerelle, Au bonheur des dames is a 94% Walloon project. A record without doubt for this project which will look at the ungrateful job of housekeeper and through it at the inequality that still exists between the sexes in the distribution of domestic tasks. 14 people will be at work while in the technical services department, Cetemi (sound and image editing) and Stand Up (editing and sound mixing) are in the adventure.

Last but not least, Wallimage has committed to co-finance Heirs of The Night, the first two seasons of an international series for teenagers presented to us by Scope Pictures. Co-produced by the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Croatia and Latvia, this ambitious project plunges us into the end of the 19th century where the survival of the last families of vampires scattered across Europe depends on the union of their descendants (the famous heirs of the night). Eleven Walloon technicians will participate in the shooting, and all the VFX will be done at Mikros in Liege, which will also take care of the mastering. Additional satisfaction, the sound editing will be done at The Post Box, the mixing and sound effects at Dame Blanche in Genval.