Walloon cinema … proud to be!

  • 12.10.2012

First, there was the Belgian subsidiary of Mikros, set up in the Pôle Image de Liège, who wished to create a calling card based on their new surroundings. While Mikros is one of the leader companies in the image and special effects post-production sector in France, only few people know that in Belgium the enterprise regularly employs up to 25 people, bringing a large array of post-productions to our country such as “Largo Winch 2” and “Le cochon de Gaza”.

Bernard Devillers, head of development at Mikros Belgium, immediately contacted Étienne Dontaine, his counterpart at sound studio Genval les Dames. Indeed, a few years ago the Dame Blanche group from Brussels produced a videoclip, which is still a hit on the internet, to promote its new set-up in Wallonia: “On a tous en nous quelque chose de Wallonie”!

Both companies quickly contacted the label “Cinema Made in Wallonia” (regrouping the companies from the Wallimage holding, the three Walloon film commissions and the enterprise cluster T.W.I.S.T) to join them in imagining a one minute-long corporate clip in which the richness of the landscape and technological resources of the audiovisual field in Wallonia would be prominently featured.

The Walloon film sector is represented by a mythical train, symbol of the industrial past of the region, which starts out at the Guillemin train station in Liège, a symbol of modernity, and literally shoots for the Stars of Film. The faces of native and foreign actors and actresses then pass by, representing the dozens of feature films produced or post-produced in Wallonia over the past few years…

To bring this exceptional project to fruition, Mikros Liège used the camera resources of Panavision Belgium (why yes, the mythical American company also decided to set up in Wallonia!) and the machinery of TSF.BE (among which a drone making it possible to shoot spectacular aerial shots!). To complete the process and allow the ad to be screened in cinemas under optimal circumstances, the artists of Mikros just had to bring this collective work to their neighbours at the Pôle Image de Liège, D-Cinex (formerly XDC), European specialists in digital projection!

You can watch the clip on YouTube
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Credits :
Mikros Liège :
Producer : Annick Pippelart
Director / VFX Supervisor : Hugues Namur
Project leader : Gaël Durant
VFX Coordination: Loïc Poës
Excerpts editing : Thierry Delvigne
Lead compositing : Philippe Frère
Composers : Jean‐Bastien Bellot, Marie Maulet & Laureline Silan
Lead matte painting : Alexandre Rouil
Matte painting assistant : Johan Laurent
Matte painting intern : Stéphane Bronkart
3D Modeling and Animation: Thibaut Couwenbergh & Hugues Namur
3D Rendering : Julien Pernes
3D Track : Yvan Galtié
Color grading : Arnout Deurinck
Set electrician : Thomas Alberghs
Photographer : Jean‐Bastien Bellot
Images Making of : Jean‐Bastien Bellot, Thibaut Couwenbergh & Hugues Namur

Dame Blanche :
Sound design: Matthieu Michaux
Composer: Pierre Gillet
Mixing : Mathieu Cox

In charge : Laurent Simon
Drone pilot : Philippe Mahieu
Cameraman : Florent Kirkpatrick

Panavision :
Manager Belgium : Benjamin Dewalque

Editing Clip and making of:
Thierry Delvigne