WFX becomes Mikros Image Liège

  • 07.02.2011

WFX, set up in 2008, is currently moving into the Pôle Image de Liège. Since its creation, the company has been drawing a lot of attention by working on some major productions, like for example the making of around 400 shots for the new Largo Winch.

As you know, WFX wasn’t born yesterday, as in fact it is the Walloon branch of French company Mikros (170 permanent salaried workers, over 70 freelancers), which has been part of Italian group Mediacontech since 2007. Mikros covers all areas of post-production: marketing, cinema, TV, clips, videogames and institutional communication.

Legitimately concerned about the coherence of the group, its CEO Maurice Prost and Mikros image’s general manager Gilles Gaillard have recently announced that WFX will now be called Mikros image Liège. Another Belgian implantation was set up in Brussels, conveniently named Mikros image Brussels. This new antenna already has six permanent employees, its goal is to offer its services on the advertising market (special effects or digital lab). An additional way to consolidate the group’s position on the Benelux market since there is also an implantation in Luxembourg since 2009, with LFX.