WFX doubles the grading resources in Wallonia

  • 13.11.2009

The new section’s originality is that they work with their ‘own’ grading system named Coloris+. It was developed by the R&D crew at Mikros Image, in association with Belgian developer Christophe Lorentz. This surprising choice has three big advantages: it is adapted to all types of projects no matter what the shot acquisition method used is or how the film will be exhibited. It will also take advantage of all improvements made by Mikros Image and of the evolution of know-how by the entire group for this type of activity (more than 100 feature films graded in France over 9 years). Finally, and this is non-negligible, it allows WFX to offer very, let’s say competitive, rates.

The Image Cluster newsletter tells us that the 40 sqm grading room has a screen that is 3m large at its base and that images are projected with a custom-calibrated DLP full HD Samsung projector. Even novices will understand that we’re playing with the big boys here.