Only pay one third of your sound and image expenses?
Welcome to Belgium, in walloon territory.
When a country is too small to boast a true national market place, opening borders to valuable partners is key! This is why Belgium has established a Tax Shelter system that is highly praised by its bigger neighbour countries for its great efficiency. In such a context, it makes total sense for Wallonia, a region that has been busy unfolding its renewed economical plan based on digital economy and creative industries, to establish the most powerful and performing funding body of the 3 belgian regions: Wallimage.
Since its creation in 2001, Wallimage has been an appealing interlocutor for numerous international projects seeking shooting partners and/or post-production services. The first step in benefitting from both Tax Shelter and Wallimage cumulated advantages is to find the right partner amidst the ingenious breed of belgian producers. How about reaching out to them with a simple email? We've got them all gathered for you around here!

What is the Walloon Double Dip?
The best recipe to reduce your audiovisual expenses!
English speaking countries have come up with an expression that describes the subtle financing scheme of cinema and series in Wallonia. They call it the «Walloon Double Dip». It means that a same amount of money spent in the southern part of Belgium is eligible to both the Tax Shelter AND Wallimage alike!
Practically speaking, Wallimage is averagely covering for 25% of your expenses. Tax-Shelter can take care of up to 41% when you are meeting all of its conditions. Best case scenario is a blazing 66% of your audiovisual expenses that is cut out of your financing plan. No less than one third!
Here's the «double dip» in a nutshell: with a single walloon fries, you tap in both mayonnaise AND ketchup...

Who can take care of my needs in Wallonia?
The answer is only one click away!
In the last 15 years, Wallonia has built up an impressive ecosystem of audiovisual providers. Today, there isn't a skill or service you can't find in our region. Our modern companies are young and ahead of the digital sphere. Some of them are sisters of bigger international corporations when others tend to be more flexible structure able to provide tailor made solutions to your needs. All of them share the same enthusiasm for quality work and an appetite for the industry that make them highly competitive.
Wallimage is perfectly aware of those fresh companies that represent the cutting edge of the walloon offer and we are proud to support some of them financially with a dedicated structure called Wallimage Entreprise. Up to this day, around 20 companies are backed up (click on their logo on the map below to know more about each one of them). The Wallimage Entreprise label is a guarantee that you are working with a dynamic partner that is also solid because backed up financially.
Wallimage Entreprises is supporting companies suiting your production needs at every step of the way:
Shooting studios: KeyWall and le Pôle Image de Liège, Lights, cameras and machinery rental: TSF.BE, Shooting equipment: Cyanview - Video et MacadamCar - Car loges, Image Post-Production: Charbon Studio and Mikros Image, Sound Post-Production: Genval-les-Dames, Silver Ray, SonicPIL and Studio l'Equipe Wallonie, Animation and VFX: Benuts, Digital Graphics and DreamWall, Subtitles: Babel Subtitling, Distribution: Belga and Imagine, Digital marketing and creative agencies: Big Bad Wolf, Fishing Cactus, Superdog and Tapptic.
The most efficient way to involve one or more of those talented partners in your project is always the same. You just need to firstly identify a belgian co-producer on THIS LIST!

Is your region a good choice for film locations?
Much better than you know!
You’ve seen Nicolas Cage infuriated in the forests of America’s Pacific Northwest; Rupert Everett waiting in a quiet 19th-century english railway station; Matthias Schoenaerts and Léa Seydoux praying in an Orthodox church on the coast of the Barents Sea …
All these more real than reality settings are actually in Wallonia !
Our region, located in the South of Belgium, has throughout the course of history seen so many invasions that you can find here a fascinating blend of European architectural styles. Our “Château de Beloeil” can easily stand in for the “Château de Versailles” and our “Bois-Seigneur-Isaac Abbey” for the “El Escorial” of the region of Madrid. If you add up Wallonia’s glorious iron and steel industrial heritage - that once made Wallonia the third largest economy in the world - you will easily get how one can capture the feel of the working-class districts of Manchester or the look of the palaces from the communist era in Prague. In Liege, you can turn our performance hall “Le Forum” into the Radio City Music Hall of New York, our Trocadéro into the “Theatre du Grand Guignol” of Paris in the Roaring Twenties, or set the scene for an underground punk gathering in our all-time classic district “Le Carré”.
Find out more about film locations in Wallonia on www.wallimage-decors.be !

Any genre you are avoiding to support?
We are absolutely fearless!
Feature films, series, fictional or factual, documentary, animation, projects shot in one of the three Belgian official languages or not… they are all welcome in Wallonia.
As an economical fund, Wallimage only takes a look at your script to evaluate its commercial potential! Once you satisfy our criterias regarding the economical impact of your project on our region (download our guidelines for more details), we analyze your application in terms of jobs creation and added value for our cinema and TV industry. This explains why we became strong supporters of genre cinema and our line-up is a bloody trail of how fearless we are!

Where do I sign?
At the bottom of the contract. The real question is when?
For Walloons, co-producing means opening up. We have understood a long time ago that the future of European cinema was lying in co-production and our history have proved us right. Naturally, we try to territorialize as much as possible. Isn't it also the case in your country?
But we never consider a shared part as a loss. We're always open to discussions and we have no taboo when it comes to a potential great collaboration. You have to know that Wallimage has the status of a public limited company in law meaning that we are your regional interlocutor with the flexibility of a company, possibly the best person to talk about your project. So enough said! Get in touch with our co-productions manager now: Philippe Pierquin (php@wallimage.be).