7 Dwarfs and me

Think you know Snow White? You haven’t seen anything yet!
Forget the young evanescent princesses and the falot charming princes perched on proud white steeds. Neige Le Blanc is a teenager who is at ease with herself, with both feet planted in our time. She loves rock music and plays guitar, her brother swears by his abs and her parents are about to open Le Château des glaces a pastry shop.

Everything is going well until a deliveryman brings seven boxes to the girl. In each of them, one of the dwarfs from the Grimm’s tale. They know that Neige is the worthy heir of their favorite heroine and intend to help her. By all means.

When they discover that she is about to enjoy her first home-baked good and that it is an apple pie, they fly to her rescue. And this is only the first of the chain of disasters they will trigger in Snow’s life, which has never been so hectic.

Season 1 of Seven Dwarfs and Me will be shot in English by two French directors. One will be in charge of the animation part, the other of the real shooting with flesh and blood actors. Because it is the specificity of the series to mix the best of both worlds in the way of Roger Rabbit, Alvin and the Chipmunks or the Smurfs made in Hollywood.

Thanks to Nexus Factory who brought us the project, all the live shooting will take place in Liege in the TSF studios at PIL. It will start in September while the compositing will start in November. First episodes in mid-2015 if all goes well.