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When you are a country too small to have a real internal market, it is in your best interest to open your borders! That’s why Belgium has developed a Tax-Shelter system that makes all its big neighbors dream.

Welcome to Belgium, on Walloon soil!

When you are a country too small to have a real internal market, it is in your best interest to open your borders! That’s why Belgium has developed a Tax-Shelter system that makes all its big neighbors dream.

And when you’re a region in the midst of an economic redeployment that’s betting heavily on the digital economy and creative industries, it’s only natural to have set up the most efficient and powerful of Belgium’s three regional funds as early as 2001. That’s why Wallimage attracts so many international film shoots and post-production work to Wallonia.

To benefit from extraordinary conditions by combining Wallimage and the Tax-Shelter, the first step is to find a partner among those ingenious Belgian producers who have always been the kings of co-production!

The "Walloon Double Dip"?

The best recipe to reduce your expenses!

The “Walloon Double Dip” is the name that Anglo-Saxon producers give to a tasty subtlety of the financing system of cinema and series in Wallonia: with the same audiovisual expenditure made in the South of Belgium, you can meet the requirements of the Tax-Shelter AND of Wallimage!

On average, Wallimage covers 25% of your expenses. In the best case, the Tax-Shelter can cover up to 41% of these same expenses. In this ideal case, 66% of your filming or post-production costs are covered! That’s the “double dip”: with a Walloon fry, you can have mayonnaise AND ketchup…

Who to entrust my work to in Wallonia?

The answer is just a click away!

In almost 25 years, Wallonia has attracted an impressive array of audiovisual service providers, and today it’s safe to say that you can find absolutely any service you’re looking for with us. With the advantage of being sure to work with recently established companies and therefore at the cutting edge of digital technology. Some are subsidiaries of large international companies, others are small and medium-sized companies that provide you with “tailor-made” services. But all of them have in common a professional enthusiasm and a commercial appetite that makes them extremely competitive.

As these young companies are the spearhead of the Walloon offer, we have decided to guarantee their durability by providing them with financial support. To date, some twenty of them have benefited from this support (all those shown on this map and which you can discover by clicking on their logo). The support of Wallimage Entreprises guarantees you a double benefit: you are dealing with a dynamic AND solid service provider!

And do you have any interesting filming locations?

More than you think!

Nicolas Cage in the forests of the American North West, Rupert Everett in a small 19th-century English railway station, Matthias Schoenaerts and Léa Seydoux in the Orthodox church of a coastal town on the Barensk Sea… All these scenes, truer than life, were shot in Wallonia! Our region, in the south of Belgium, has been invaded so often that it seems to contain every architectural style in Europe. We’ve reinvented the Chateau de Versailles at the Château de Beloeil, or the Escurial in Madrid at Bois Seigneur Isaac! Add to this the memory of a powerful metallurgical industry that once made Wallonia the world’s 3rd largest power, and it’s easy to see why the working-class neighborhoods of Manchester or the communist palaces of Prague can be found here. In Liège, you can see a show from New York’s Radio City Hall at the Forum, a play from Paris’s Grand Guignol at the Trocadéro, and a gathering of Nancy punks in the alleys of the Carré… Discover all the filming opportunities Wallonia has to offer!

What kind of film do you support?

Nothing scares us!

Feature films or series of fiction, documentary or animation, shot in one of the official or vernacular languages of the European States or having a co-production treaty with Belgium…

As an economic fund, we are only interested in your scenario to estimate its commercial potential! There are of course rules of the game in terms of regional audiovisual benefits (download our complete rules HERE) but our approach, resolutely focused on job creation and the structuring of our film and TV industry, explains the strong presence of genre films in our line-up. We are not afraid of anything we tell you!

Where do we sign?

At the bottom of the contract! The real question is when...

For the Walloons, co-production means opening up. For a long time now, we have integrated this parameter: co-production is the only future of cinema in Europe! Of course, we territorialize as much as possible the expenses of the films we support. Isn’t that what you do? But we never consider that sharing is a loss! And then we can always discuss. About everything. Without taboos. Wallimage is a public limited company. We have the answer of a Region but also the flexibility of a company… So enough arguing, contact now Philippe Pierquin, our Coproductions Manager.

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