Wallimage Gaming

Wallimage Gaming supports the creation of interactive games for one or more players, accessible on a digital platform such as a computer, game console, smartphone, tablet, etc.

Wallimage Gaming ‘s actions should have a structuring effect on the gaming industry in Wallonia, to the benefit of all European video game creators and technicians.

Gaming in Wallonia

A €2M annual fund

  • Video games initiated by a Walloon studio and produced within the same studio
  • Video games initiated by a foreign studio, but co-produced with a Walloon studio and partially manufactured within this Walloon studio or by other Walloon suppliers. Expenditure considered by Wallimage will be exclusively that incurred in Wallonia.
  • Video games developed by a foreign studio that does not wish to open up to co-production, but can subcontract part of the production to a Walloon studio. or Walloon technicians/creatives. Thanks to Wallimage’s support, the net costs of production in Wallonia become internationally competitive. Here too, Wallimage will consider only the manufacturing costs incurred in Wallonia, but will sign a contract with the foreign producer, who must open at least one branch in Wallonia with one FTE to manage the project. The aim of this initiative is to position Walloon talent on major international projects.

At the time of submitting an application to Wallimage, the company may be in the incorporation phase.

At the time of signing the agreement, the company must have been incorporated and have the status of producer, delegated co-producer or associate of the project, and have its registered office in Belgium.

Wallimage Gaming organizes one or two calls for projects a year.


Which production phase?

Pre-production financing

To develop a VSD or a prototype

All projects must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Meet the provisions of the culture test
  • Proposing a structuring effect on the video game sector in Wallonia
  • Rely on a credible company with an established team
  • Based on a relevant budget in line with the financing plan envisaged

Before signing the agreement with Wallimage, a selected project must also secure 30% of its financing, with supporting documents.

Wallimage’s maximum investment is €30K for pre-production and up to €100K if a prototype is planned.

To apply for funding, you’ll need to submit an application to one of our calls for projects, presenting your game, the target market and the GDD.

This file will specify the pre-production budget and its financing, as well as the planned production budget. Wallimage Gaming’s investment will represent a maximum of 50% of this total manufacturing budget for an entertainment video game (75% for an educational game and 85% for an artistic game).

Call for projects 2024

  • Filing: March 07, 2024
  • Producer meetings: March 20-21, 2024
  • Decentralized Coproduction Council: March 29, 2024
  • Ratification of winners by the Walloon Government

At your service

How to proceed?


Apply for funding

Artistic File

Dossier Economique

FEI form (Appendix 7)

Sustainability survey (Appendix 9)

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Sophie Augurelle

Gaming Line Manager

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Finally, there was the incredible surprise of seeing my request for funds accepted by Wallimage for the prototyping of my project. An unexpected, exhilarating, exciting and terrifying moment at the same time!