About us

Wallimage is a public limited company which constitutes the Walloon regional audiovisual hub. Owned 100% by Wallonia, this S.A. is a purely economic fund initiated in 2001 with a view to creating jobs by developing and sustaining a regional audiovisual industry through targeted investments with multiplier effects.

Wallimage Coproductions supports productions that will involve significant expenditure in Wallonia. Wallimage Entreprises invests in the capital of innovative audiovisualcompanies setting up, establishing or expanding in Wallonia. Wallimage Gaming, created in 2021, is dedicated to financing video game projects, and Wallimage Tournages coordinates the hosting of Walloon film shoots.

Key figures

Wallimage is :


projects supported from 2001 to 2022

From video games to films, series, documentaries and even XR.


portfolio companies

Service providers, digital studios or gaming studios.


days of filming in Wallonia in 2022

For a majority of projects not co-produced by Wallimage Coproductions, including

57 feature films and 33 fiction series.


in outstandings for Wallimage Entreprises in 2022

With a handsome increase in equity thanks to historic sales.


of Walloon audiovisual expenditure in 2022

With an ever-increasing investment/expenditure ratio:

591% in 2022!

Our team

Operational team

Movies, TV shows, video games!

S.A. Wallimage’s activities are overseen by a Board of Directors chaired by Richard Miller. Virginie Vandeputte is vice-president.

Directors are nominated by the Walloon Government, on the basis of proposals from the various parties wishing to participate. This choice is structured according to the D’Hondt key, reflecting the representativeness of the different parties in the last regional elections.

The Board of Directors is appointed for a five-year term. It is renewable upon presentation of the Walloon government.

Our bodies

Board of Directors


Our history

The Walloon audiovisual support fund, Wallimage, was founded in 2001 on the initiative of the Walloon government. Here’s our history in a few key dates.

Wallimage weighs in

After financing the creation of video game studios, Wallimage creates the first line of economic support for video game projects.


Wallimpact: an economic development fund for audiovisual projects.

Musimap sales

Major sale for Wallimage Entreprises: Musimap, a music tech company.

The old and the new

If good things come to an end, they must also have a beginning! Virginie Nouvelle, the fund's lively financial director, takes over from Philippe Reynaert as head of Wallimage.

Sale of Look Live Media

Groupe ROSSEL acquires Look Live Média, a company backed at its creation by Wallimage Entreprise, specialized in community mobile video capture.

Wallywood On Tour(ne)

Welcome to Wallywood, Belgium's first ciné tourism app. The launch will be the occasion for a weekend of events across Wallonia, including visits to iconic filming locations, visits to technical service providers, and even the chance to re-enact cult scenes at filming locations, in the presence of the crews.

Creation of Wallimage Tournage

The Walloon Government decides to combine Walloon incentives for audiovisual. The three filming offices and their teams join Wallimage and create the Wallimage Tournage department.

Flow drivers

Wallimage launches its support line for pilots of television works in flux.

10 years of Clap, 15 years of Wallimage

15 years is something to celebrate, especially if it coincides with the 10th anniversary of Clap! An evening event, "Cinema made in Wallonia", hosted by Déborah François and Philippe Reynaert, at the Forum de Liège.

First company resale

For the first time, a company in which Wallimage is a shareholder, Memnon, is being sold. A resale to an international player, not least SONY.

First provider bankruptcy

The audiovisual sector is a highly competitive industry in an international market, which sometimes makes it difficult to make a profit. The proactive approach of Wallimage Entreprises is enabling this industry to develop, but requires a high level of risk-taking. For the first time, a sustained provider has admitted bankruptcy.

Creation of Wallimage Entreprises

Support for audiovisual service providers is proving its efficiency. Alongside Wallimage "Coproductions", the Walloon Government has created Wallimage "Entreprises".

Creation of Wallonia's second film shooting office: Clap!

The Province of Liège creates the ASBL Clap to host film shoots on its territory. Jean-François Tefnin, current director of Wallimage Tournages, takes the helm and convinces the Provinces of Luxembourg and Namur to join the adventure.

First Palme d'Or: "L'Enfant

A Wallimage co-production crowned with the most prestigious Cannes award: "L'enfant" by the Dardenne brothers.

Wallonia's first film location office

Long before Wallimage Tournages, the ASBL Hainaut Cinéma set up the BATCH office to welcome film shoots in Hainaut. Photographer Marc Bossaert becomes the father of Walloon film shoots.

First animated series: "Code Lyoko

A cult series as our first animated co-production.

First company supported

In addition to support for audiovisual projects, the Walloon Government understands that structural support for the sector is also necessary.

First co-production

Wallimage SA signs its first co-production: Gangster, by Olivier Marchal, produced in Belgium by Saga Films.

Creation of Wallimage

Creation of Wallimage: Belgium's first fund to support audiovisual works. At its head is the truculent Belgian TV presenter/host and ex-advertiser Philippe Reynaert.

Rosetta's Palme d'Or

To everyone's surprise, the Dardenne brothers (and Wallonia) win their first Palme d'Or.