Wallimage Tournages

Wallimage Tournages offers free information and assistance services to Belgian and foreign film and audiovisual professionals.

Based in Liège and Mons, the Wallimage Tournages team helps productions find the resources they need locally , throughout Wallonia (sets, logistics, authorizations, skills).

Wallimage Tournages

Serving production!

Wallonia is full of nuggets when it comes to scenery! Whether it’s rural scenery, urban settings or cultural heritage, our teams can help you find what you’re looking for, and more broadly, find the resources you need locally.

Our main services are articulated in three axes:

  • Help with finding sets
  • Assistance in finding skills
  • Assistance in obtaining facilities

The Wallimage Tournages team works on the basis of the documents provided by the production company: synopsis, script, artistic and technical lists, set list, work plan, etc., and undertakes to maintain total confidentiality.

These services are provided free of charge. They are intended for all types of professional films orstudent filmsat the end of the cycle: feature films, TV films, commercials, short films, documentaries, music videos, etc.


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Serving production

Are you working on your next film?

Are you negotiating a co-production with a foreign production company?

Want to make sure, or convince a partner, that Wallonia is the right place for your shoot?

The Wallimage Tournages team can help you quickly and free of charge, thanks to our database of over 3,000 locations, more than 300 technicians, 2,000 actors and extras , and an unrivalled institutional network.

Taking over the services offered by Wallimage Décors and Wallimage Compétences, Data enables you to find all this information on a centralized, more ergonomic platform.

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