A little job

The “little job” of the title is that of a hitman entrusted to a guy who has just lost his job and finds in this opportunity a way to temporarily get out of poverty. But is it possible to be a hitman?

Un petit boulot should combine the offbeat humor of the Coen brothers, a social universe worthy of Ken Loach, and dialogue that would have been heard in the first delicious deliriums of Bertrand Blier.

Adapted from a novel by Ian Levinson, they are signed by Michel Blanc who decided not to direct the film, but will play a prominent role.

Un Petit boulot was directed by Pascal Chaumeil, the man who shook up the French box office with Arnacoeur and then Un Plan Parfait. Unfortunately, the director died after the shooting. Un petit boulot will thus remain the last film of this talented director who had the sense of the popular film.

Alongside Michel Blanc, the lead role will be played by Romain Duris, with also Denis Ménochet, Sarah Forestier, Daniel Prévost and a crisp Belgian duo consisting of Bouli Lanners and François Damiens.

Two weeks of shooting were done in Belgium