After the death of his guide in Iraq, Grace put away his ambitions as a war photographer and returned to Europe. Meanwhile, Max, her companion, goes to a hospital in Peru as an ophthalmologist, and gives regular news through video letters.

The hospital is invaded by sick people from the neighboring village. Saturnina, a young woman from the village, loses her husband to mercury poisoning, which causes an “epidemic”. Max is killed by the villagers who see in the person of the Western doctor the source of all their misfortunes. Grace flies to the Andes, where her destiny will cross that of Saturnina…

Located in the widest area of the Andes Mountains in South America between the 14th and 27th degree of south latitude, it extends over four countries, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru and Chile. Most of the Altiplano is in Bolivia.

The average altitude is 3,300 meters, slightly lower than in Tibet. The Altiplano is surrounded by the mountain ridges of active volcanoes to the west, and the Atacama Desert, the driest area in the world, to the southwest. (wikipedia)