Back to school

Indian and Cowboy are on their way to a beautiful cruise on a luxury liner, but they got their wires crossed… They completely forgot that today is the first day of school! Farewell to the exotic islands, our friends find themselves desperate on the benches of the school to undergo the monotony of the courses. To energize the beginning of the year and to welcome the new geography teacher, the director proposes a great contest. The winners will accompany Mr. Yuri for a day on the Moon. Indian and Cowboy are obviously ready to do anything to win the contest.

This 26′ film is aimed at children, which required the Panique team to make artistic demands in terms of writing, readability and simplicity. The landscapes and the different places are not realistic but believable. This gives the decor its originality. Same approach for the vehicles and accessories that are created from scratch for consistency and humor. The school bus is for example a large satchel on wheels… For 15 years now, Panique has been offering us the imaginary and zany chronicles of the village by experimenting with formal and sonic universes. Panic in the village is a formidable laboratory without borders of writing and staging.