Batted Earth

Determined to stop working for others, Jérôme tries to set up his own company at all costs, despite the reluctance of his wife Laura. Ugo, their 11-year-old son, plays tennis and wants to become a champion. To do this, he has to join the national training center at Roland Garros. Like his father, he is ready to do anything to achieve his goals. Together, Ugo and Jerome will learn that you can’t bend all the rules to succeed.

Stéphane Demoustier was born in Lille in 1977. He has directed several short films, selected and awarded in several festivals in France and abroad : ” Fille du calvaire ” (selected at the FIFF in 2012), ” Bad Gones ” (2011), ” Des noeuds dans la tête ” (FIFF 2011) and ” Dans la jungle des villes ” (FIFF 2010). In 2013, he signed a documentary, “Les Petits Joueurs”, describing the journey of 3 children who participate in the French tennis championships of 10 – 11 years old. He also produces many short films with his production company Année zéro, including “Haram”, presented in the Opening of the FIFF in 2011. His first feature film, “Terre Battue”, with Olivier Gourmet and Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, had its world premiere at the Critics’ Week of the Venice Film Festival.