Code Lyoko

There is a virtual world parallel to ours: Lyokô, generated in the world computer network by a super-powerful machine: A Supercomputer, mysteriously hidden in the third basement of a factory. Probably created by a computer genius, Lyokô is composed of 5 Territories: the Banquise, the Forest, the Desert, the Mountain and the Fifth Territory, more secret and named Carthage. Each territory has towers, databases that tirelessly search the terrestrial networks for information and energy.

Original and innovative for our region, Code Lyoko is an animation series of 26 episodes of 26 minutes which was proposed to Wallimage by Wat Production in association with Antefilms, a French producer, well known in the world of animation.
One of the strong ideas of the project in terms of Walloon spin-offs was to handle the sound post-production in the new studio API in Montpellier. Wallimage was immediately interested in this approach and hopes to perpetuate with this French interlocutor a collaboration of the type that already links Antefilms and the Aquitaine Fund with regard to the picture-by-picture. This would specialize the API studio in the extremely profitable sector of animated series for television.