Distant Neighborhood

Thomas, a father in his fifties, arrives by chance in his childhood town. He wakes up forty years earlier, in his teenage body. Projected in the past, he will not only relive his first love, but also try to understand the reasons of the mysterious departure of his father.
But can we change our past by reliving it?

This book won the Award of Excellence from the Media Arts Festival of the Agency for Cultural Affairs in Japan, Manga category in 1998, as well as the AlphaArt for the best script and the Canal BD award at the 2003 Angoulême Festival.
Its adaptation for the cinema is currently in production, the film Quartier lointain to be directed by Sam Garbarski, with Jonathan Zaccaï, Léo Legrand, Alexandra Maria Lara. The action would take place in France, the hero’s name would be Thomas. The music of the film should be composed by Air (wikipedia)