Ernest and Celestine

A friendship between a little mouse who did not want to become a dentist and a big bear who did not want to become a notary.

Ernest, a big bear on the fringe, with a cold and hungry, rummages through garbage cans in search of food. As he was about to put whatever he could get his hands on into the oven, a scream rang out! “Arrrrrêêêêête!”. The little mouse he was going to swallow begs him: “If you don’t eat me, I’ll eat what you like best in the world! And it will be better for your health than this junk food. This is how Célestine, in trying to save her life, will completely change Ernest’s life. From these unfortunate circumstances, a friendship is born that the world of mice (the world below) and the world of bears (the world above) will fight, in vain: Ernest and Célestine will overcome all prejudices.

Daniel Pennac himself wrote the script for the animated adaptation of his children’s book series, Ernestand Celestine. A change of register for the Aubier/Patar duo, until now known for their frame-by-frame animation and their sense of belgo-surrealist humor(Pic-Pic André, Panic in the Village). The music of this film is signed by Goran Bregovic, composer fetish of EmirKusturica.