Jenrage of his absence

After ten years of absence, Jacques reappears in the life of Mado, now married and mother of Paul, a seven-year-old boy. The former couple’s relationship is marred by the loss of a child. While Mado has rebuilt her life, Jacques seems incapable of doing so and when he meets Paul, it is a shock. The growing complicity between Jacques and Paul ends up disturbing Mado who forbids them to meet again. But Jacques does not intend to stop there….

Sandrine Bonnaire is an exceptional actress, but she is also a great director in the making. After a documentary about her sister, she followed up with a painful fiction, the story of a couple torn apart by the brutal death of a child who ends up in troubling circumstances.

Jenrage de son absence, co-financed by Wallimage/Bruxellimage, has just been selected for the Cannes Critics’ Week. In, Special Screening. This brings the total number of films in the Walloon fund to four. But it’s a first in 2012 for the Brussels fund Series in progress