KONGO is an original and ambitious documentary series that traces the history of the Congo and its relations with the West over the past 500 years. To tell the story of this extraordinary epic, dedicated to one of the most coveted African countries in history and one of the most exciting destinies of the continent, the series combines archival images, mostly unpublished, and animation.

The series is composed of 3 episodes of 52 minutes, as well as a long version of 90 minutes.

The films offer a new, contemporary look at this enormous country, a true rereading of the history of the links between Europe and Central Africa, from 1480 to the present day.

The unpublished film archives come from the recent digitization of three major archive collections in Belgium. The animated reconstructions will bring to life emblematic characters, illustrate little-documented historical moments and recreate visual and sound atmospheres.

This project is part of the dynamics of the fiftieth anniversary of the independence of the Congo.