Last Game

Meftun Taylan, a retired Turkish secret agent guilt-ridden by his past, devises a plan to ease his conscience. To achieve these goals, he hires the services of a severely traumatized assassin.

This definitely atypical pitch is the work of three young Flemish of Turkish origin : Sinan Tabanli, Ilhan Akgull and Muhammet Kurt. They convinced Ali Sürmeli, a star in Turkey, to play a key role in their project.

Luckily, this low-budget feature film interested Tarantula who agreed to structure it professionally. Without touching the essence of this thriller which will be the very first of the production company rather specialized in the works of author sometimes pointed, Tarantula gave him the means to benefit from some confirmed technicians and a postproduction worthy of this name, in Wallonia. A project on the fringe that could bring us some nice surprises.