Lulu Vroumette

Lulu Vroumette is a turtle with a big heart. She loves to make mistakes, but is never reluctant to help others or to make up for her mistakes. His universe is populated with animals of the forest of all kinds, with names full of puns: we will thus meet Cata and Dioptre the glow worms or Belote and Rebelote the funny weasels.
All of these friends live in the countryside, in fields, woods and streams; a playground that allows them to discover the joys of nature and the pleasure of living in a group.
The 52 episodes will first be presented on the Tiji channel (around February 2011) then on France 5.

Originally, Lulu Vroumette is a series of books for children. The texts by the excellent Daniel Picouly (Prix Renaudot in 1999 for The Leopard Child) are delectable and the chalk drawings by Frédéric Pilot are not only cute, they are also very well done and full of incongruous details.