Madonna's Pig

A representative of mechanical pigs that are supposed to increase the reproduction rate in specialized farms arrives one Friday evening in Madonna, a municipality in the Westhoek. While his future wife is waiting for him on the other side of the country, he loses control of his van and finds himself stuck in the middle of nowhere, in this village on the edge of the world, a village left to itself and the ghosts of the past. Disconnected from the world, the visitor will make a major discovery and meet a native who may change his life

>Manneken Pis, Frank Van Passel‘s first feature film, has won numerous awards in a large number of festivals (including Cannes: 3 awards) and has won four Plateau awards, best film, director, actor and actress! His other projects have also been successful. The Emperor of Taste, a television series he wrote and directed, was a popular success.