Molenbeek, Juvenile Brigade

Series: 3x 50 minutes.
The detectives of the Juvenile Brigade are not doing ordinary police work. They have an exceptional control not to break down in front of the attack on the innocence of the children. Maltreatment, abuse, rape, when evil is hidden in the wheels of the Internet, their missions are even more delicate. Staying in a police department allows us to take the pulse of a society, its metamorphoses, its fractures and its paths. The Youth and Family Service of Molenbeek is responsible for the protection of children and adolescents who are victims of violence. The authors too, when they are minors. The destinies of future generations are now being played out on social networks and the most fragile among them are suffering. Linda, 14 years old, raped by the boy she was in love with and humiliated on social networks, wanted to end her life. The inspectors will pick up the protagonists. Abel, 12 years old, did not dare to say anything about the harassment he was subjected to after school. Thanks to his older sister, the detectives will be able to hear him and give him back his dignity. The third case takes us into the workings and excesses of a timeless evil that has become sprawling with the Internet: pedophilia.