My Angel

fter the mysterious disappearance of her partner, Louise, overwhelmed by grief, is committed to a mental institution.

In the greatest secrecy, she gives birth to a little boy whom she names My Angel and who is endowed with an incredible singularity: he is invisible. Louise imposes on Mon Ange to never reveal herself to the world, too ruthless in front of the difference.

But, one day, Mon Ange meets Madeleine, a little blind girl with whom he falls madly in love… “Thanks to his blindness, Mon Ange can love Madeleine while preserving his secret.

The screenplay for My Angel (or I See You, which could be its new title), Harry Cleven’s new feature film, was co-written by Thomas Gunzig, a man who definitely has a great sense of pitch.
The budget of the film is very limited, even if we find behind the project two major Belgian film makers: Jaco Van Dormael and Olivier Rausin, once again associated to the production. As for The Last Testament.

It is in fact Jaco’s daughter, Juliette Van Dormael, who will be the chief operator of the film. Those who have seen the short films she has worked on are already salivating.