Right or Wrong (season 2)

The second season of the judicial series “A tort ou à raison” is composed of three new cases, each in two parts (6 episodes): “The Hippocratic case” episodes 1 and 2, “The Rahbani case” episodes 3 and 4 and “The Van Eyck case” episodes 5 and 6.

In the main roles, we find Marianne Basler investigating judge, Alexandra Vandernoot lawyer, Bernard Yerlès commissioner and Olivier Minne judicial columnist. Each member of this inseparable quartet embodies a particular view of justice.

Their challenge remains to show justice in everyday life, to show the flaws, the fragility, the humanity of the actors of a judicial institution. Sometimes, their intuition leads them on the right path, sometimes, it leads them astray

On Tuesday, November 5, the first part of “The Hippocratic Affair” will be broadcast:

Suspicions of collusion between a pharmaceutical company and a clinic are causing a scandal. Joëlle investigates. She quickly indicted Antoine Collard, doctor and director of the Hippocrate clinic. Since the death of her brother Jérôme, Joëlle has been suspicious of the relationship between medicine, pharmaceutical laboratories and money. Also, she relentlessly pursues Antoine Collard. So when his wife, Françoise, a brilliant neurosurgeon, is found dead, Joëlle is convinced that Antoine is the killer…