The best day of my life

Arthur was sure that with Lola, they would never fall into the clichés of the couple ! But today, Lola, 30 years old, raised on Prince Charming, wants a proof of love and a real one: marriage! She sells him an idyllic marriage and Arthur, by love, ends up letting himself be convinced. But beware: only on its terms!
Between Lola’s little girl dreams, Arthur’s non-conformist desires, the wedding in great pomp that the family imagines, and the reality that catches up with them, the organization of the most beautiful day of their lives is going to be more complicated than expected. Provided that they do not do like everyone else… but worse!

The very type of exciting and risky project. The Happiest Day of My Life is a “pre-wedding” comedy that has the potential to appeal to a very “mainstream” audience without sacrificing quality. What makes the danger of the bet also makes its charm… The two main actors are wonderful: the French Hélène de Fougerolle (also present in “Innocence”) and Jonathan Zaccaï (also in “Le Tango des Rachewski” and “Entre ses mains”) form a very Wallimage couple! Especially when they visit the in-laws in Braine l’Alleud!