Ladies' happiness

“They” are between 20 and 65 years old. They are “housekeepers” as it is still too often said. Every morning they go to work at other people’s houses. Some of them have no formal education: they have worked in factories or in the black economy. Others have been saleswomen, educators, teachers or caretakers.

And then there were the changes in life; a man that you leave or that leaves, the kids that are waiting, schedules that make family life impossible in a job that you loved, and you plunge into housework: this work that nobody wants and that since the dawn of time has been reserved for women. A job that, according to a still widely held opinion, would not require any qualification.

Today there are more than 165,000 employees in the “Service Cheques” sector. This new choral song draws the outline of the condition of these courageous and luminous women who make the bet to write a new page of their work…