The red turtle

Through the wordless story of a castaway on a tropical desert island populated by turtles, crabs and birds, The Red Turtle will tell the story of the major stages in the life of a human being.
True to his charcoal and watercolor drawing technique that has made his international reputation, Michael Dudok de Wit wants this film to “show a deep respect for nature, including human nature, and to convey a sense of peace and admiration for the immensity of life.

The red turtle has an atypical profile: it is a silent, artistically ambitious work that seems to have the ideal pedigree to travel to festivals around the world and to be noticed by the various academies that award César-type prizes. Since Brendan, Wallimage has taken a liking to Oscar night. Ernest and Celestine will not deny it.

Obviously, the race for trophies was not the reason why the board of directors was most enthusiastic about this film.

Co-produced by Belvision, The Red Turtle will give work to a team of Belgian animators gathered at Dreamwall for 460 days. A part of the image and sound lab will also be done at our place. This will further enliven a booming industry.