The Truce

Yoann Peeters, 40 years old, is a man on the edge. He no longer works since the death of his wife, and has decided to move to Heiderfeld, the village of his childhood, with his daughter Camille. A position became available at the local police. Yoann sees it as an opportunity to go green and make a new start. But reality quickly intrudes. A few days after the carnival, the body of a young Togolese footballer, Driss Assani, is found in a river. No one has experience of this kind of investigation in the village. Except for him. While everyone is uninterested in the fate of this kid who died thousands of miles away from home, Yoann Peeters starts to dig up the deepest secrets of this small community he knows well. But Yoann should not have been back on duty so quickly, not on a case of this type, not at that place.

A thriller that follows the threads of a criminal investigation, The Truce is also and above all the story of a man who is off balance : Yoann Peeters, a cop with an indisputable flair, an obscure past and an uncertain future.