Three little girls

On the bus that transports her every week, fourteen-year-old Pauline finds herself face to face with Johnny Depp. When she tells them about her adventure, her two best friends are doubtful. Lucie, the “psychopath”, experiments with suicide methods on her cats, and Lilia is a rebellious teenager, because her family wants to return to Algeria and marry her off to a cousin.
Ready to do anything to avoid the forced marriage of their girlfriend, they leave in search of Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis, that the popular press announces in vacation somewhere in Corsica. The idea is to convince them to intervene in the media to prevent the sacrifice of Lilia on the altar of the tradition.
On their way, they meet a couple that they will never leave. Paolo and Laetitia. He is vaguely impresario, she is gogo dancer…

Already producer of Dédales, an example of successful collaboration with Wallimage, Alexis Films presents the new feature film by French director Jean-Loup Hubert, director of the blockbuster Le Grand Chemin. This very popular project (even “family” in terms of video/DVD sales!) confirms Alexis Films’ will to be anchored in feature films.
A nice cast (adults), and a record reinvestment of 262% in Wallonia and a very interesting agreement in terms of revenue generation wins the approval.