Tot Altijd

Four friends, young and crazy, revolutionaries. Thomas is going to become a doctor, Lynn a cashier who is tossed around in sentimental adventures with no tomorrow, Speck a philosopher. Mario gets married, has a son, gets divorced and finds out that he has multiple sclerosis. Every day his condition deteriorates. The young man, now an adult, but who has kept all his progressive convictions, embarks on a political struggle to have the right to leuthanasia recognized in Belgium.

Nic Balthazar has succeeded with his first film, Ben X, a coup de force. A great hit at the box office and a huge buzz. The personality of the director is not for nothing : Nic Balthazar is what we call a BV and his participation as a director in the most striking clip on global warming (The Big Ask 1 and 2, music by U2, 6000 and 10000 extras) has only increased his popularity.
The director of photography is the one of De Zaak Alzheimer or Loft, two visually splendid films. In another register, he worked on Les Barons
The cast is about as good as it gets in Flanders.