Vesper Chronicles

Living in the woods with her father, the young Vesper dreams of a different future thanks to her talents as a bio-hacker, highly valuable in this world where nothing grows anymore. The day a ship from the citadels crashes with a mysterious passenger on board, she thinks that fate is finally knocking on her door… “


Written and directed by Bruno Samper and Kristina Buozyte, Vesper Chronicles follows their previous collaboration on Vanishing Waves, released in 2012 and telling the story of Lukas, a scientist, who enters the thoughts of Aurora, a comatose woman. If Bruno Samper was only a scriptwriter then, this time he co-directs the film with the director, scriptwriter and editor Lithuanian Kristina Buozyte.


For this film shot in English, the filmmakers have surrounded themselves with an international cast with Raffiella Chapman(Miss Peregrine and the Peculiar Children) in the role of Vesper, Eddie Marsan(Ray Donovan), Rosy McEwen(The Alienist) and Richard Brake(The Mandalorian)


Ahead of its festival presentation and American release in September,  VesperChronicles will be released worldwide on August 10th in French theaters.