Zot van A

Anna and Bruno, it’s over. Bruno did not have to hit on their son’s teacher. So Anna takes a young lover, but it’s just to pass the time. For Lydia and Arno, everything is fine. Are you sure? No, nothing is ever certain. Not even Alain and Fred’s wedding, although it was announced a long time ago.
Astrid, Alain’s girlfriend, is waiting for her prince charming and doesn’t even notice Paul, the most coveted bachelor in the country… Annette is looking for a missing Saint-Nicolas and is going to discover the great love without having expected it. “Zot va A”, baptized in French “Dingue de TwA” speaks about men, women, fathers, mothers, sons, daughters. And also of love. Because love is like Saint Nicholas. If you don’t believe in it, it doesn’t work.

Zot van A, is the Flemish adaptation of the Dutch film Alles is liefde. The filming started at the very beginning of 2010. It is a film about fathers, mothers, sons, men, women. And of love. It is a romcom (romantische komedie in Flemish), a genre not yet seen in Flanders, which will be shown both in theaters and on television (three episodes of 45).