Turtles for the 11th animation session

  • 07.11.2012

As you all know, Sammy is a turtle, imagined and animated by Ben Stassens, who has had the opportunity to travel the world and bring together millions of young viewers… and their parents. The first feature film was a tremendous international success, which inevitably led its instigators to offer a sequel. In this one, released in the summer of 2013, we followed the wanderings of Ella, the granddaughter of Sammy and her boyfriend Rocky.

These two new characters are now the heroes of a series in development that will be called Sammy & Co, humorous chronicles of the underwater life of these two young explorers, bold and often clumsy. Sammy, the grandfather, chief of the village, will naturally be present, playing a wise man never stingy with precious advice.

Throughout the 52 episodes of 13 minutes in 3D, we will discover that life underwater is a bit like life on land: full of upsets! The small fish want to become big, the big ones eat the weakest, some dream of adventures, and others of leading a peaceful life… But nothing ever goes as planned!

Waooh who wowed everyone with his work on the sets of The Suicide Shop will take care of all the storyboards while Genval les Dames will have the honor of collaborating on the sound post-production of this series that will land on small screens in April 2014.