27th Session: two brothers, three wives and a slew of children

  • 10.07.2007

The Board of Directors of Wallimage has concluded in an eclectic way a 2006-2007 season particularly rich in important projects.
Two brothers are honored, they are of course the Dardennes who will shoot this summer their new feature film entitled Le Silence de Lorna.
Three women then: a director and her two actresses who tell us Don’t look back! This will be difficult in view of the casting because, for her second feature, Marina de Van surrounds herself with a cast of Sophie Marceau and Monica Bellucci!
Finally, it’s a bunch of pre-teens who should soon arrive in the region of La Calamine where, on the basis of CLAP scouting, Les Enfants de Timpelbach should be shot.
Of course, these three projects still have to be agreed upon between their producers and the Walloon fund, but no doubt we will talk about them soon on wallimage.be!