27th Session: two brothers, three women and a bunch of kids

  • 10.07.2007

It was eclectic end to a 2006-2007 season full of important projects for the Wallimage Board of Directors.
Two brothers are honoured, of course they are the Dardennes who will shoot their new feature, named Le Silence de Lorna as soon as this summer.
Then it’s up to three women: one director and her two actresses who tell us Ne te retourne pas, don’t turn around! Which will be quite hard to accomplish as Marine de Van has gathered a cast with Sophie Marceau and Monica Belluci around her for her second feature!
Finally there is a whole bunch of preteens who should arrive in the region of La Calamine, where they should be working on Les Enfants de Timpelbach, based on location scouting done by the CLAP.
Of course a treaty has to be signed between the producers and the Walloon Fund, but we’re pretty sure this isn’t the last time you’ll hear about these three projects on wallimage.be!