38th Wallimage Session : the giants of Walloon cinema

  • 22.04.2010

On the large-format front, the new film by the Dardenne brothers and Bouli Lanners! Submitted to Wallimage at the same time, they will be shooting simultaneously this summer, which promises to make for a great Cannes Film Festival 2011!
Luc and Jean-Pierre are putting the finishing touches on the casting of a moving story that is tentatively called Deliver Me. As for Bouli Lanners, still produced by Versus his third feature will be entitled Les Géants.

The Board of Directors of Wallimage Coproductions has completed this Belgian-Belgian session by adding to the list of films to be supported, the first feature film of Patrick Ridremont who, not content with directing, will also play the title role of Deathman talking. To surround him, François Berléand, Frédéric Diefenthal, Virginie Efira and … the young montoise Pauline Burlet who played the role of Piaf as a child in La Môme. To the delegated production : Nexus which thus makes its first appearance on a Belgian major.