38th Wallimage session: the giants of Walloon cinema

  • 22.04.2010

Big names first, there’s a new film by the Dardenne brothers and one by Bouli Lanners! They were submitted at the same time, will be filmed at the same time this summer, so who knows they might be at the 2011 Cannes Festival together?
Luc and Jean-Pierre are currently putting the finishing touch to the casting of a moving story which is temporarily called Delivrez-moi. Bouli Lanners, who is still being produced by Versus , named his third Les Géants.

The Wallimage Coproductions board of directors completed this very Belgian session with a third film to support, namely a first feature for Patrick Ridremont, for whom it isn’t enough to move on to directing, as he will also play the leading role in Deathman talking. With him are François Berléaud, Frédéric Diefenthal, Virginie Efira and … a young talent from Mons, Pauline Burlet who played the role of Piaf as a child in La Môme. The executive production is assured by Nexus who are trying their hand at their first majority Belgian co-production.