39th Wallimage session: Suicide, harassment and other joys of life

  • 29.06.2010

And once again, Wallimage delivers! France’s most awaited animated film came knocking at its door with the help of Entre Chien et Loup! Le Magasin des Suicides is Patrice Leconte’s first animated film, this announcement had made quite a buzz at the latest Cartoon Forum in Lyon and at the Annecy Festival.

Artémis on the other hand successfully submitted Mon Boss et moi (tout le monde le fait), a satiric comedy which will be the Walloon Fund’s first investment in a UGC production.

Finally, Wallimage also has the pleasure to work again with the Scope/Mandarin duo for Un Heureux Evenement, the film adaptation of the eponymous bestseller by Eliette Abecassis.