6th Wallimage Animation session: cat’s new!

  • 27.10.2010

“I am only animated by.. the desire to make you laugh” This could be the words le Chat (the Cat) uses to celebrate his arrival on TV. Behind the philosophical feline, now with movement and speech faculties, stands of course his very attentive father, lucky Philippe Geluck and that for 75 episodes of 2’15”, co-produced by Benoit Roland for Entre Chien et Loup. On the menu: plenty of animation techniques, some quite crazy, for this madness, but also, the warm voice of Patrick “Magic Land” Chaboud.

While the potential of Le Chat in the French-speaking world is huge, there is a second bid accepted by Wallimage on this fine October day which could aim for a worldwide success. Just like that. Chicken Town, a project by Niko Meulemans will be entirely made in Marcinelle by Dreamwall and believe us: those feathery friends will make us cackle with laughter. The first season, consisting of 38 7-minute episodes, should only be a prelude to an extraordinary long-term adventure. If you are still doubting, don’t hesitate to click HERE .