A festival of selections for the return of Wallimage

  • 07.09.2017

In Italy, “Nico 1988” opened the “Orizzonti” section and was praised by the international press for the realism of the film and its musical sequences. (Produced in Liege by Tarantula. Wallimage investment : 120.000 €. Walloon spin-offs : 540.000 €)

This Tuesday, it is “Killers” by François Troukens and Jean-François Hensgens that was presented in world premiere in the official selection in the section “Cinema nel Giardino”. For a first feature film in a very unusual register for Belgium, the duo allows itself both to be effective and to deal with the history of the Walloon Brabant killers by exploiting a daring track. The Belgian release is scheduled for December 6th.
(Produced in Liege by Versus. Wallimage investment : 300.000 €. Walloon spin-offs : 1.198.000 €)

While our country offers few films of (this) genre, it is another thriller mixed this time with romantic melodrama that completes the presence of the Walloon fund in the City of the Doges: “The Faithful (Racer And The Jailbird)” is the third feature film long awaited by Michael R. Roskam after “Rundskop” and “The Drop. It will be released in France on October 4th.
Its heroes, Adèle Exarchopoulos and Matthias Schoenaerts, will also make the trip to Toronto as their film is selected for TIFF. (Produced by Savage, co-produced in Liege by Frakas. Wallimage investment : 200.000 €. Walloon spin-offs : 1 million €)

Two other works co-financed by Wallimage will also be screened in Canada during the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) : ” Good Favour “, co-produced by Wrong Men (Brussels) but shot entirely at the Fourneau Saint Michel ! (Wallimage investment : 150.000 €. Walloon spinoffs : 761.000 €) and ” Laissez bronzer les cadavres “, third feature film by Hélène Cattet and Bruno Forzani, which will have its North-American premiere in the ” Midnight Madness ” section before being released in France on January 10th (Production Anonymes Films. Wallimage investment : 150.000 €. Walloon spin-offs : 650.000 €).