All about Wallimage Tournages

  • 26.10.2017

With Wallimage Coproductions, WALLIMAGE TOURNAGES is the other essential branch of Wallimage SA. 
This section, directed by Jean-François Tefnin , offers, in line with the missions of the former filming offices, information and assistance services to Belgian and foreign film and audiovisual professionals.

Our main services are articulated in three axes:

– Help in finding scenery

By managing and feeding the Walloon database of sets: Cinema made in Wallonia (3000 sets referenced)

Responding to specific requests from location scouts and companies during the production, pre-production or co-production negotiation phase

Assistance in finding skills

Technicians (1000 referenced professionals)

Actors, silhouettes, doubles and extras (9000 people referenced)

– Assistance in obtaining facilities

Authorizations for filming, occupation of the public highway, reservation of parking spaces

Occupation of public infrastructure

Contacts with companies




The team of  WALLIMAGETOURNAGES works from the documents that are given to it by the production company: synopsis, scripts, artistic and technical lists, lists of sets, work plans, and undertakes to keep all confidentiality.

Our services are provided free of charge (except in the case of commercial shoots). They are intended for all types of films: feature films, TV films, commercials, short films, documentaries, clips …

Our services ? Information on the shooting sites and pre-repair (constitution of a data base). The search for sets is offered to any professional mandated by a production company (stage manager, production manager, director, assistant director, etc.). These pre-spotting surveys will be carried out by professional spotters using the documentary resources of WALLIMAGE TOURNAGES (photos, various books, guides…), natural or built sets, stored in a database, and research conducted on the occasion of specific requests from production companies. WALLIMAGE TOURNAGES also provides advice to set owners. It is in constant evolution and is constantly enriched with new decorations.

Search for technicians, actors and extras (organization of castings). WALLIMAGE TOURNAGES maintains a database that is completed as the filming progresses. The files and CVs can be consulted by production companies looking for the technical and artistic teams they need for their shoots. The organization of castings will complete this service as well as the proposal of files of renters and service providers. A file of extras living in Wallonia is also available.

List of equipment rental companies and service providers Administrative procedures (filming permits, etc.) Logistics and various information (vehicle rental, accommodation, etc.) Relations with the press and local authorities: WALLIMAGE TOURNAGES provides a service of contact with administrations, institutions and companies in order to facilitate filming authorizations. It also serves as an advisor to administrations and institutions for the reception of filming.