Bouli Lanners and Tim Mielants start shooting Wise Blood today

  • 21.10.2019

Bouli Lanners begins shooting WISE BLOOD this Monday, October 21, a story of passionate love rooted in the Presbyterian community and the austere, grandiose landscapes of the Isle of Lewis in northern Scotland. It will continue until November 29.

To carry out this highly personal project, Bouli, who wrote the script and also chose to play the lead role, joined forces with Flemish director Tim Mielants (Legion, Peaky Blinders) who recently directed him in Patrick and with whom he shares a common artistic vision.

Bouli will play Phil, a rugged 55-year-old Belgian who lives and works on the Isle of Lewis, the most remote of the Outer Hebrides in northern Scotland. One night, he has a stroke and loses his memory.

Millie, 55, who Phil works for, is a member of the small Presbyterian community on the island, and must take care of him.  She finally confessed to him that they were secretly lovers. Finding the passion that bound them together, Phil and Millie fall in love again in secret. While Phil happily discovers this love story and resumes his normal life as a farm boy, Millie dreads the moment when he regains his memory and knows that she has lied to him.

Alongside Bouli Lanners, we will find the British actress Michelle Fairley, best known for her role as Catelyn Stark in Game of Thrones, but also Julian  Glover  (Game  of  Thrones,  Scoop,  Indiana  Jones) and Clovis Cornillac (Les chatouilles, Bellamy, Radiostars)